Afternoon Apricot

Flavored Apricot tea. Contains caffeine.
Black tea, organic black tea, osmanthus, mango, natural flavors, apricot, jasmine buds

toasted almond.png

Almond (Toasted) Cookie

Flavored almond tea. Best served hot with honey and milk. Contains caffeine.
Black tea, roasted almond, cinnamon, natural flavors & safflowers



Full-bodied, smooth, Classic, Contains caffeine.
Organic Black Tea


Ceylon Mango

Smooth flavor or black tea with mango gives a refreshing, tropical flavor. Contains caffeine. 
Organic Black Tea, organic calendula petals and organic mango flavoring. 


Coconut Truffle

Flavored Coconut tea. Best served hot with honey and milk. Contains caffeine.
Black tea, cocoa beans, coconut, organic honeybush, natural flavors, apple



Considered one of the fanciest of Darjeeling teas. (T.G.F.O.P.) Delicate floral aroma and mildly fruity flavor, with a slight astringent nip.
Organic Camellia sinensis


English Breakfast

Medium-bodied, rich morning beverage.
Organic Camellia sinensis (blend of Organic China Black Orange Pekoe & Organic Keemun tea)


Irish Breakfast

Strong Morning Brew with a smooth malty robustness. Slightly stronger than the English Breakfast Tea. 
Organic & Fair Trade Camellia sinensis



Aromatic, semi-fermented, producing a beautiful medley of black and green teas with lightly roasted curled leaves. It has a full-bodied, smooth taste. Low in caffeine. 
Black & Green Tea


Orange Spice

A warm, robust and fragrant tea. Contains caffeine.
Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange Peel, Orange Extract & Orange Oil


Peach Ginger

Flavored Peach tea. Contains caffeine. 
Ceylon & Darjeeling Black Tea, Ginger, Peaches & a touch of cinnamon and clove