About Christina Scott

Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Skincare Specialist

Christina Scott trained at The Culinary Institute of America, working as a chef for several years until having three children. In 2012 she began studying cosmetic chemistry and working on natural product formulation, eventually founding her company, glow essentials (https://www.myglowessentials.com/), which offers a range of organic botanical skincare products and aroma-therapeutic blends. She received her herbal and aromatherapy training from the
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she earned two diplomas in both Western Herbalism, studying under the esteemed JoAnn Sanchez RH (AHG), and Mind Body Wellness. She is passionate about helping others, and she loves skincare formulation and medicine making. She continues her education through conferences, workshops and podcasts, and is mentored by Brittany Sounart RH (AHG).

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