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Intro to Essential Oils & Top 10 Essential Oils for your Family Medicine Cabinet


Presented by: Vicki Greener, Aromatherapy Specialist

Are you new to aromatherapy and essential oils and/or confused about all the conflicting information out there circulating the internet and through sales people?  Then this is the perfect class for you.  We will be discussing the difference between essential oils, fragrances and extracts and the “hows, whys and whens” you would want to use essential oils.  I will also share with you my Top 10 Essential Oils that you can begin using with you and your family.  Handouts will be provided. 

Please Note: Pre-payment and Pre-registration is required for all of our classes at least 5 days prior to class date.  Please call 480.785.9065 to register.  (Cash or checks only.  No credit cards.)  The refund policy on all of our classes:  Unfortunately there can be no cancellations or refunds 5 days or less prior to the scheduled class.  Some classes may have a different cancellation policy.  Please check each class for individual cancellation policy.