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Introduction to Flower & Crystal Essences

Presented by: John Gartland, Herbalist

Working with the spirit of a plant or mineral can help to unlock the mysteries of our lives.  The essence of a flower could share a new perspective or insight about a long standing question. The essence of a crystal could ignite your deepest desires into action. Essences,  which contain the vibration or spirit of our natural allies, hold many keys to our evolution. 

We will discuss many flower and crystal essences as well as water and its role with the essences, history of flower essences, how to find and use essences that work for you specifically and how to make essences at home.

Everyone will take home a flower/crystal essence blend of their finding. Over 200 essences will be available for choosing/blending. Essence making handouts will also be included.

Come with curiosity or come with purpose, the essences have answers for everyone. 

Vegan snacks and herbal tea will be provided.

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