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Flower & Gem Essences for Lunar New Year

Presented by: Jony Mushroom (John Gartland), Herbalist

On or before Saturday, Jan. 26th:
(early bird special)

Starting Sunday, Jan. 27th:

Early bird special expires Jan. 26th including for those registered but not yet paid.

Working with the spirit of a plant or mineral can help to unlock the mysteries of our lives, as well as move us forward with new perspectives, insights and inspiration.  Essences,  which contain the vibration or spirit of our natural allies, hold many keys to our evolution. 

This class will offer an introduction to flower and gem essences, including how they’re made, how they work and when to use them. We will discuss 10 essences for new beginnings, fresh starts and putting the past behind us. Just in time for the Lunar New Year (Feb. 5th), and in my opinion, the real beginning of the new year.

Everyone will take home a flower/crystal essence. Handouts will be provided.

Come with curiosity or come with purpose, the essences have answers for everyone. 

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