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Join us for a fun and informative evening

Presented by: Brandi Owens, RN

$35.00 includes:  Printed material, Body diagram, Face diagram, Dry Skin brush.  Please call 480.785.9065 to pre-register. Pre-payment and Pre-registration is required at least 5 days prior  (Cash or checks only.  No credit cards.)

Join Brandi and learn a lot more than you ever thought you could about Dry Skin Brushing and how your skin is probably one of the most important organs you have next to your lymphatic system. And discover how the lymphatic system impacts your immune system and therefore your overall health.

You will learn that cellulite is nothing more than trapped lymphatic fluid holding onto toxins and how to reduce it. And did you know that a backup of lymphatic fluid causes sagging skin in the jaw line and neck? You will learn more about this and how to tighten sagging aging skin in all areas of the body, not just the face.

Learn the correct way to dry skin brush

Learn Brandi’s EXCLUSIVE method of face brushing

Please Note: Class size is limited. Pre-payment and Pre-registration is required for all of our classes at least 5 days prior to class date.  Please call 480.785.9065 to register.  (Cash or checks only.  No credit cards.)  The refund policy on all of our classes:  Unfortunately there can be no cancellations or refunds 5 days or less prior to the scheduled class.  Some classes may have a different cancellation policy.  Please check each class for individual cancellation policy.