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Heart Health: Supporting Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels Naturally

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Presented by Brittney Sounart, RH (AHG) Clinical Herbalist

On or before Saturday, Oct 12th:
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Starting Sunday, Oct 13th:
Pre-registration and pre-payment required at least 5 days prior to class.  

 According to the CDC, over ½ a million people die of heart disease a year-that is 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease can be addressed with a holistic lifestyle that includes diet, exercise, sleep and reducing inflammation. 

This class will empower you to take control of your health by learning ways to lessen your risk of heart disease. Herbs and supplements will be discussed that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol naturally while supporting and strengthening the heart and entire cardiovascular system. In addition, I will discuss blood work that you can request from your family doctor that can give you an idea of your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Cash, check or credit card when signing up at Desert Sage.
*If you use your credit card, it will charged under the name: Brittney Sounart

Refund Policy: No refunds or cancellations 5 days or less prior to class.