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Herbs & Oils for Brain Health, Memory & Mood

Presented by: Jony Mushroom (John Gartland), Herbalist

On or before Saturday, Apr. 27th:
(early bird special)

Starting Sunday, Apr. 28th:

Early bird special expires Apr. 27th, including for those registered but not yet paid.

With Dementia and Alzheimer's on the rise, we all could use a little brain juice these days. So whether you’re looking to enhance your mental capabilities, boost your memory, elevate your mood or just want to nourish your brain and nervous system for the future - herbs and essential oils have got you covered. We will discuss 10 herbs and oils for brain health to support in keeping you sharp and mentally aware all life long.

Everyone will receive Wizard Fuel’s Brain & Memory herbal extract ($15 value) and handouts will be provided.

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