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Breathing & Intuition with Herbs, Oils & Essences (Third Eye Chakra)

  • Desert Sage Herbs 1728 N Alma School Rd Chandler United States (map)
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Presented by: J.W. Gartland, Herbalist

On or before Saturday, Jan. 4th:
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Starting Sunday, Jan. 5th:
Pre-registration and pre-payment required at least 5 days prior to class.

Breath is the elixir of life. We all do it, everyday - but most of us aren’t conscious of how much or how well we breathe. Not only does conscious breathing allow for a connection to spirit, it relaxes the body, eliminates anxiety, and provides the energy we need for all situations.

In Part 6 of this breathing series, we pair breathing with our intuition, including using herbs, essential oils and essences, to cultivate trust in our inner wisdom and attune our third eye chakra. We will practice breathing techniques that focus on feeling meditative and light. We will also discuss nervous system and lung opening herbs, essential oils and essences, creating tea rituals and using the oils with breathing exercises. The class will be filled with aromas, essences, tea, and breathing.

Everyone will receive an essential oil/essence blend & some herbal tea to take home.

Each class will repeat the core curriculum but breathing techniques, chakra exploration, herbs, oils and essences will vary from each class. Each class may be taken in any order, by itself and in combination with some or all of the others.

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Refund Policy: No refunds or cancellations 5 days or less prior to class.