About Joey Rea

Clinical Herbalist & Yoga Practitioner

Joey Rea graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in French and two business minors. She began studying Western Herbalism while traveling through France in 2015. Later that year, she began school at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for Western Herbalism, studying under JoAnn Sanchez RH (AHG) for 14 months. After completing the herbal program, she began working in herbal retail at Desert Sage Herbs while studying under Brittney Sounart, an herbal practitioner of 18 years. She continues her herbal studies with workshops, conferences, and different online courses and recordings of acclaimed herbal teachers.

Joey has studied herbalism, aromatherapy, yoga, and holistic nutrition at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is dedicated to helping others find balance and wellness holistically through these natural healing modalities.

The herbal consultation will be split into two parts. Part One will include an oral intake in which the client’s lifestyle and health concerns are addressed and discussed in depth. Part Two of the consultation will take place 3-5 days later; it will provide the client with a recommended detailed wellness program that should be followed and incorporated into their daily lives. Doing so will help the client achieve a more balanced life and enhance their quality of living in accordance to the concerns from the initial consultation. This typically includes dietary and lifestyle changes, an herbal extract and/or tea, functional yin yoga poses, one or two breathing techniques, and supplement recommendations.

Herbal Consultation:  

Part 1: 60-90 minutes: $125

Part 2: 60 minutes 

Follow-up consultation:

30 minutes: $25

60 minutes: $50

Days of the week:

Available Wednesdays.  Call to schedule an appointment with Joey at (480) 544-1033 or email her at joeyrea@gmail.com.