About Carla Margeson


Carla specializes in intuitive guidance through card readings, enneagram analysis, and numerology. With over 25 years of experience working with providing intuitive readings, Carla tunes in to the information and messages that will bring most benefit to where you are in this present moment and how you can best move forward. She was originally inspired by the stories associated with Native American spirit animals, and she focuses on the story of each individual to empower you to express your needs and awaken your soul's journey. As a Catalyst of Transformation, Carla employs ancient wisdom in a modern setting to provide you with the tools to recognize personal belief systems and aid you in becoming your true empowered self.

Services offered:

Oracle, Angel, and traditional Tarot card readings bring new life to the story of you; illustrated and loving messages are delivered to guide you onto a life path that best serves your needs.  These readings reveal a true snapshot of all that is happening for you in this moment.

Enneagram analysis illustrates how you can overcome any beliefs that may be limiting you based on your unique personality traits. It is a method that leads you to understanding the self on a deeper spiritual level, allowing navigation of life by aiding you to become your very best self.

Numerology delivers a different level of insight for enriching your life through soul-telling experiences you may encounter based on where you are in your life journey.

The more open one is to the learning opportunities of these experiences, the more gifts and benefits one can receive.

To schedule an appointment for any of the services, please contact Carla at :

602-677-2790 or email me at: