┬░Organic         ÔÖŽWildcrafted


Balance & Restore

Helps to bring the body into balance, especially after addiction ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Orange Peel, ┬░Passionflower, ┬░Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Skullcap, ┬░Motherwort, ┬░Milky Oat Top, ┬░Chamomile, ┬░Lavender & ┬░Rose


Camas Prairie

"Essiac Tea" Rene Caisse's original Tea Formula.
┬░Burdock, ┬░Sheep Sorrel, ┬░Slippery Elm & ┬░Turkey Rhubarb


Cold and Flu.png

Cold & Flu Tea

Supports the immune system during a cold or flu.
ÔÖŽCleavers, ┬░Calendula, Elder ┬░Berries & ÔÖŽFlowers, ┬░Echinacea Root, ┬░Lemongrass, ┬░Orange Peel & ┬░Cinnamon

Ceylon Tea

Cool Me Tea

Supports a Woman with Hot Flashes & Night Sweats when drank as a cool tea. Cooling during the summer heat.┬░Peppermint, ┬░Linden, ┬░Motherwort, ┬░Sage, ┬░Hibiscus, ┬░Licorice


Cramp ReLeaf

Supports the muscles to relax. May be used for menstrual cramps or leg cramps.
ÔÖŽCrampbark, ┬░Dandelion Leaf, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Yarrow Leaf & Flower, ┬░Spearmint, ┬░Pennyroyal, ┬░Rosehips, ┬░Licorice


Deep Breath

Supports the lungs to reduce a cough and increase deeper breathing.
┬░Elder Berries, ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Fennel, ┬░Hibiscus, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Marshmallow, ┬░Slippery Elm, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Echinacea, ┬░Elecampane, Wild Cherry, Pleurisy, ┬░Clove & ┬░Stevia


Deep Relaxation

Supports a body to get in a deep relaxed state and a more restful sleep.
┬░Holy Basil, **┬░Wild Lettuce or ┬░Lemon Balm, ┬░Chamomile, ┬░Linden, ┬░Passion Flower, ┬░Orange, ┬░Cinnamon
** based on seasonal availability



Gently supports the body's natural detoxification pathways through the liver, kidneys, lymph and blood. 
 ┬░Red Clover, ┬░Calendula, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Dandelion Root & Leaf, ┬░Chickweed, ┬░Cleavers, ┬░Burdock, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Cinnamon & ┬░Ginger


Good Energy

Supports energy and vitality without caffeine.
┬░Peppermint, Sarsaparilla, ┬░Gingko, ┬░Eleuthero, Fo-ti, ┬░Schizandra, ┬░Ginger, Star Anise, ┬░Hibiscus

Her Herbs

Supports female reproductive system.
┬░Hibiscus, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Red Raspberry, ┬░Spearmint, ┬░Oatstraw, ┬░Linden, Vitex, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Red Clover,
Star Anise & ┬░Stevia


His Herbs

Supports male reproductive system. 
Sarsaparilla, ┬░Roasted & Raw Dandelion, ┬░Cinnamon, Damiana, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Eleuthero, ┬░Saw Palmetto, Star Anise, ┬░Stevia, ┬░Cloves


Immune Boost

Supports the immune system. 
Astragalus,  ┬░Elder Berry,  ┬░Lemon Balm, ┬░Oats, ┬░Chamomile, ┬░Slippery Elm, ÔÖŽYerba Santa, ÔÖŽElder Flower, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Orange, ┬░Cinnamon



Gently supports the lymphatic system. 
┬░Calendula, ┬░Cleavers, Jasmine, ┬░Red Clover, ┬░Mullein, ┬░Spearmint, ┬░Lady's Mantle


Mocha Surprise

Coffee Substitute. No caffeine.
Roasted Chicory, Carob, Allspice, Cinnamon, Licorice, Nutmeg & Vanilla 

After Birth Tea.png

Mommy Nourishing Tea

To support breastfeeding mom and tone the uterus after birth. 
┬░Red Raspberry, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Fennel, ┬░Catnip, ┬░Calendula, ┬░Rose Petals


Nourish Me

Supports bones, tissues and skin by providing nourishment to the body.
┬░Oatstraw, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Alfalfa, ┬░Peppermint, ┬░Red Raspberry, ┬░Red Clover & Wildcrafted Horsetail


Passionate Love

Supports a healthy love life. Mix with juice for a special "love" drink. 
┬░Rose Petals, ┬░Hibiscus, Damiana, Jasmine, ┬░Rosehips, ┬░Orange, ÔÖŽYohimbe & ┬░Stevia


Peaceful Times

Supports the nervous system to reduce stress levels and anxiety. 
┬░Holy Basil, ┬░Linden, ┬░Chamomile, ┬░Hibiscus, ┬░Orange, ┬░Bilberry & Goji Berry


Pregnancy Nourishing

Supports a healthy pregnancy. 
┬░Red Raspberry, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Oats, ┬░Alfalfa, ┬░Rosehips, ┬░Spearmint


Relaxing Tea

Supports relaxation and sleep. 
┬░Catnip, ┬░Chamomile, ┬░Lavender, ┬░Passionflower, ┬░Skullcap, ┬░Spearmint & ┬░Valerian



Supports the upper respiratory passages. 
┬░Peppermint, ┬░Nettle, ÔÖŽYerba Santa, ┬░Red Clover Flowers, ┬░Thyme, ┬░Yarrow, ┬░Licorice Root, ┬░Hibiscus, ┬░Sage


Soothe Me

Supports the tissues of the body by soothing the tissues of the digestive and urinary system. 
┬░Marshmallow root, ┬░Slippery Elm, ┬░Plantain, ┬░Calendula, ┬░Orange, ┬░Licorice, ┬░Cinnamon


Stomach Pal

Supports the digestive system.
┬░Chamomile, ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Fennel, ┬░Slippery Elm, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Orange, ÔÖŽPapaya, ┬░Peppermint, ┬░Rosehips & ┬░Stevia

Strawberry Kiwi

All Fruit tea. Makes a great iced tea or punch by adding apple juice or lemonade. Can add to other herbal teas for additional flavor.  Caffeine-Free Tea
Apple, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Natural Flavors, Freeze-Dried Kiwi, Freeze-Dried Strawberry, Strawberry Slices

2017-05-08 17.08.55.jpg

Turmeric Ginger Chai

Helps reduce inflammation & supports digestions and blood sugar. 
┬░Turmeric, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Fenugreek, ┬░Cardamom, ┬░Fennel, ┬░Clove, ┬░Nutmeg, ┬░Black Pepper

2017-05-08 17.12.40.jpg

Turmeric Ginger Chai Latte

Helps reduce inflammation & supports digestions and blood sugar with Coconut Milk & Maple Syrup.
┬░Maple Syrup granules, Coconut Milk powder,┬░Turmeric, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Fenugreek, ┬░Cardamom, ┬░Fennel, ┬░Clove, ┬░Nutmeg, ┬░Black Pepper


Up Lift Me

Supports and uplifts the spirit. 
┬░Holy Basil, ┬░Gotu Kola, Damiana, ┬░Wood Betony, ┬░Lavender, ┬░Rosemary & ┬░Rose Petals

Very Berry1.png

Very Berry

All Fruit tea. Makes a great iced tea or punch by adding apple juice or lemonade. Can add to other herbal teas for additional flavor.  Caffeine-Free Tea
Hibiscus, Elder Berries, Black Currants, Natural Flavors, Raspberries, Blueberries


Vital Women Tea

Supports the feminine spirit. Great hot or cold. 
┬░Red Raspberry, ┬░Nettle, ┬░Linden, Lemon Verbena, Vitex berries, ┬░Lemon Peel, ┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Stevia & ┬░Roses



Caffeine free chai tea. Can add a black, rooibos or green tea for more traditional Indian chai. Best served hot with honey & milk. 
┬░Cinnamon, ┬░Cardamom, ┬░Ginger, ┬░Cloves & ┬░Black Pepper