Essential Oils

We are proud to say that we only sell 100% pure, genuine, authentic essential oils of the highest quality.  Our promise to you is to provide the finest and purest essential oils that are environmentally and economically sustainable.  Our oils are tested and certified to be organic, wildcrafted, or pesticide free: conventionally farmed.  As with all essential oils, keep out of reach of children and check contraindications on all oils before using.

Disclaimer:  Essential oils are very concentrated plant essences and MUST be handled with care.  Their safe and proper use is the sole responsibility of the person(s) using them.  All essential oils need to be stored in dark bottles in a cool location so as to avoid oxidation which can increase skin sensitization.  Desert Sage Herbs follows NAHA's (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) recommendation of not taking essential oils internally or using them undiluted on the skin without appropriate advanced aromatherapy education and understanding of the safety issues involved in doing so. Inform yourself of any or all contraindications.  Desert Sage Herbs assumes no responsibility or liability for any person’s misuse, carelessness, allergic reaction or any other reaction or condition arising directly or indirectly from any information or use of these products.