Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oil Safety with Babies and Children

~ NEVER administer essential oils orally to children.

~ ALL essential oils should be diluted for use with babies and children.  NEVER use undiluted. 

~ When adding to a child’s bath, they must first be diluted in a water soluble carrier, i.e. milk or honey

~ It is best to only diffuse essential oils for 15 minutes on and 1 hour off.  

~ Always introduce one oil at a time.  You should notice a reaction within 15-30 minutes

~ Please note……Peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils are all avoided in younger children because they contain a chemical constituent called cineol 1,8 and menthol. According to Robert Tisserand, in the newest edition of Essential Oil Safety: Peppermint is safe to use at 6+ years but ALL eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils should be avoided until 10+ years of age. It’s important to note that the brand of essential oil you choose to use does not change this recommendation.

Essential Oil Safety with Adults:

~ Do not use essential oils if they have been oxidized

~ Do not use on the skin undiluted or internally unless working with a trained aromatherapist or healthcare practitioner who has been trained in essential oils

~ For the elderly or adults with a compromised immune system, pregnant or lactating follow dilution rates for children  

General Guidelines

~ Be knowledgeable and follow all cautions and warnings of any essential oil….If you are not sure about how to use and are confused by conflicting information, ALWAYS side on caution and safety first!

~ Keep out of reach/do not use on babies, children, or pets.

~ Do not store around flame, heat, and ignition sources (essential oils are flammable).

~ Always conduct a patch test of diluted essential oil on the inner arm before using; do not use if redness or irritation occurs.

~ Keep essential oils out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and any body opening.

~ Never assume an essential oil possesses the same properties as its plant.

~ If you have sensitive skin or any serious medical condition, do not use essential oils unless advised by a trained Aromatherapist, physician or medical professional that it is safe.

~ Store all essential oils and vegetable oils away from light or heat


For more information on the safety of essential oils please refer to Essential Oil Safety, Second edition.  Authors:   Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young

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