About Brittney Sounart, RH (AHG)

Clinical Herbalist

Brittney Sounart graduated with a B.S. and minor in Business from ASU in 1995. She then went into business with her mother, Vicki, and created a successful retail herb store and wellness center, Desert Sage Herbs. In 2001 she graduated from the Western Herbalism Program from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Following her dream of becoming a herbal clinician, Brittney studied through a private internship for two additional years with JoAnn Sanchez, AHG Herbalist. Since 2002, she has been practicing clinical herbalism doing private herbal consultations. In 2006, Brittney joined the herbalism staff at Southwest Institute for Healing Arts teaching herbalism classes in their nationally recognized herbalism program.


Holistic Services

Holistic Herbal Consultation

Specializing In:  Herbs,  Nutrition,  PMS,  Peri-Menopause,  Menopause, Pregnancy,  Fertility,  Chronic Stress,  Anxiety,  Depression,  Digestive Health,  Children,  Skin Conditions,  Allergies,  Sinusitis,  Immune System, Supplements, Custom Formulations

During an Herbal Consultation, Brittney and the client will review the client’s health concerns, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. The second half of the consultation of the client’s personalized holistic protocol which includes dietary, lifestyle, supplement and herbal suggestions will be presented and discussed. Most protocols will include a suggested use of an individualized herbal extract and tea per the information gathered.

Holistic Herbal Consultation  
(1 1/2 - 2 hours)         $150

Follow-Up Consultations

A Follow-Up Consultation is provided for an established client that would like their formulas to be reevaluated and changed or have an acute illness. 

Follow-Up Consultation (30 minutes)            $30

Follow-Up Consultation (60 minutes)            $60

You may email completed consent form here.

Brittney describes her herbal consultations

Brittney accepts cash or check on the day of your appointment.

Pregnancy Support Consultation

A Pregnancy Support Consultation consists of 4 individual sessions.  During the first session, Brittney will review the client’s health concerns, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. At this session, a first trimester holistic protocol will be presented and discussed.  This protocol includes dietary, lifestyle, supplement and herbal suggestions to support a healthy and vibrant pregnancy. We will then schedule the remaining 3 sessions to support mommy and baby during the second and third trimesters and after birth. Pregnancy Support will nourish mommy and baby, allowing for an easier labor and delivery.  Post-natal care will support nursing and afterbirth fatigue and/or hormonal balance. This can reduce fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and digestive disturbances.

Pregnancy Support Consultation (4 Sessions)  Call for pricing

Session 1:  75 minutes

Sessions 2, 3 & 4:  45 minutes

Private Classes

Are you and your friends interested in learning about herbs, hormonal balance or reducing stress? Brittney offers individualized classes to organizations or groups of friends. These classes will include handouts and hands-on experiences with herbs. 

Private Classes at Desert Sage Herbs:  (2 hours)* $160 - at another location within 20 miles, $30 - extra

*(this is for 8 people or less and each additional person over 8 people is $15 per person) 

Contact Brittney to schedule an appointment, call 480.785.9065